Our land has a very ancient story to tell.

The Etruscans chose the hills of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines to settle down, establish cities and build acropolis. With their profound agronomic expertise and by gazing at the stars, it was here that they planted the first grape vines. The Romans were the next to arrive and took over the reins from their predecessors.

In the Middle Ages, the land was owned by the Counts of Panico, an extremely powerful and belligerent family who continued with the wine growing tradition within their much feared fiefs. Ancient documents abound with proof of this pledge to winemaking, so much so that the grounds of the Folesano estate are clearly marked on 16th Century geographical Renaissance maps in the Vatican Museums. Steeped in history, the Folesano vineyards are injected with a new lease of life so as to preserve ancient traditional flavours. It is here, within this unique and magical setting that which retains the aura of its glorious past, that the Folesano Estate can be found.