The natural fermentations found in our red wines are very important to us and resonate most within the aromatic complexity and ties with the land thereof. Moreover, the red grapes remain on their skins during a slow maceration process: only this ensures a complete and thorough extraction. The winter break upon the fine lees creates the said complexity and gives the wine its body and thus its refined and solid structure.

Time is another ingredient which red wine can never do without. With its slow passing, the scents and aromas become more mature and developed.

The cold is our Rose’s best friend when it comes to ensuring that the scents and freshness are kept intact, the extractions slow and its excellence enhanced. The ancient clay landscape feeds and matures the Albana wine, and it is to an invaluable microclimate that it owes its delicate flavours.


There is a reason why for centuries wood has been, for wine, the container par-excellence. In this harmonious marriage, everything is on an equal footing. This magical union sees the wine enriched and ready to serve us with plenty of thrills for many years to come.