balanzone 001

Balanzone is a red wine produced by my uncle Camillo in the early ’90s.

Our Balanzone wine is dedicated to the old mask of the city of Bologna who represents us with his renowned wisdom and healthy dose of subtle irony. Dottor Balanzone loves his good food and wine and it is to this, his good nature, that we have endeavoured to associate this vinification of red grapes: with their intense ruby colour, they exude the innate vocation of the calcareous marl-rich soils of the Colli Bolognesi.

It is with him that Bologna, “the learned one”, “the fat one”, identifies itself, namely the knowledge and wealth of its culinary and winegrowing heritage. Dottor B was born in Emilia, where he completed his studies: he is a committed, presumptuous and conceited individual. He has sprightly cheeks, a big belly and usually wears black. He wears a small mask which only covers his thick eyebrows and nose, leaving his large moustache exposed. He wears the costume worn by scholars of Bologna: a black gown, cuffs and white collar, wide brimmed hat and cloak above his tunic. He is proud and mindful that he belongs to the oldest university in the world. He is highly regarded amongst the other masks who often turn to him for medical, legal, astrological and philosophical advice.